How to Protect Assets from the Costs of Nursing Home Expenses

Wealth preservation is often a critical issue for many individuals as they face the potentially devastating costs of long-term care and nursing home expenses.  Long-Term Care Insurance is often a cost effective means of transferring the financial risk of nursing home and home health care costs to an insurance company.  For others, Long-Term Care Insurance is not an option as they are already in need of long-term care and/or are uninsurable.  Federal and State laws may still allow a person to protect all or a portion of their life savings while still receiving the care that they need.

There are many misconceptions regarding Medicaid law and elder care that circulate between family and friends.  Many individuals get caught up in the fiction and miss the facts.  If you are facing these difficult circumstances, you may be convinced that you must lose all of your assets and that there is no hope of leaving anything to your children or spouse. This is why you need straight answers from informed specialists who can help you navigate these muddy waters.  At Integrated Financial Services, Inc. we work with some of the leading Elder-Law Attorneys in the state of Michigan and several highly rated insurance companies.  Together we are often able to design and implement strategies to help our clients preserve and protect their assets from the costs of long-term-care and nursing home expenses.  Protecting the savings that you've worked a lifetime to create and providing for your future depends on your willingness to push through the confusion and make sound decisions. We have helped many seniors protect their life savings by working out an effective estate planning and Medicaid strategy.   Help is only a phone call away at (616) 942-9080.